Chapter 4. On the edge.

  1. the pun ” on the edge,” is used effectively to summaries what happened in the chapter because it is a play on words meaning that someone or something is on a thin line and one step in the wrong direction could result in very bad consequences. In this case chapter 4 describes Joe and Simon as climbing along a ridge line where the wrong step could literally send both of them to their deaths. This can be seen by the quote ” There was a long section of tortured cornices and knife edged powder.” This quote shows how they were truly on the edge and how serious there situation was.
  2. Imagery is used in this part of the text to create tension because it puts the reader in the characters shoes, it makes you feel what they’re feeling, see what they’re seeing, this means that when the character is in a stressful situation and under pressure it also makes you feel under pressure and have a sense of tension. This can be seen by the quote ” at that moment the snow wooshed away from under my feet and I dropped swiftly,” this quote puts you in the moment of the character and it makes you feel a rush of tension run through your body, It makes you feel as if you really were there and it actually happened to you

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  1. Jack, you have begun to specifically explain the effect of language techniques. However, watch any vague explanations: “how serious there situation was”. State the events, details about the environment, thoughts and feelings of the characters in your responses. Also, in the line: “It makes you feel as if you really were there and it actually happened to you”- explain for what purpose? Why is it important that the reader connects with the characters’ experiences in this section of the text? How does this section prepare them for what will happen next?

    Also, Jack, where is your work on Chapters 5 and 6? Please place this work on your blog 🙂

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