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Lake Aviemore summer and winter

1st time frame

A slight breeze danced through the waving willows dropping locks, causing its shadows to frolic along the luscious green ground. The continuous chatter of the birds frolicking around in the trees and dancing through the vast blue sky gave the surrounding area a joyful summer feel. The deep blue sky seemed to go for miles and miles on end with not even a single puffy white cloud in sight. Only the lone sun. As it spreads its scorching bright beam of light down onto the countryside below. Illuminating the surrounding area with the white-hot light. Tents of all sizes, shapes, and colors speckle the outskirts of the lake. lining its banks as if they were spectators at a sporting game and the lake was the pitch. I hear the distant hum of boats and jet skis crowding the vast magical depths of Lake Aviemore. Which lies as flat as a pancake in the baking sun. The lake reflects the empowering bare mountains surrounding the lake like a prison, locking it away like a well-kept secret. Keeping it form the destruction of the rest of the world, like a hidden gem. People young, old, and in the middle flock to the rocky beaches dotted around the lake. Hoping to take refuge from the bright burning sun by cooling themselves in the refreshing dark blue waters of the shimmering lake. Summer was here.

2nd time frame

The fierce wind whips through the willow trees causing a familiar creaking sound as they are shoved around by the howling wind. Flocks of birds shoot through the air above. huddled together. Attempting to take refuge from the bubbling storm to come. The once joyful bustling land full of tents and people is now as bare as a lone desert. Quiet and lonely. Suddenly, a bright flash of bright violent white lightning floods the sky, soon followed by the roar of thunder. Beaches are continuously bombarded by wave after wave of chilling water, causing a white froth to form on the water’s edge like when you first open a shaken bottle of lemonade. No one dares to enter the waters icy depths. Fearing that they will never reach the surface again. Getting lost in the dark depths of the unforgiving lake. Only the lone fishing boat dares to take on the wicked depths of the lake. Tossing and turning violently in the enormous white-capped waves taking over the lake. The surrounding snow-capped mountains are now blocked out by a fearsome wall of dark angry clouds closing in from the south. blocking out the bright rays of the sun, causing a layer of darkness to wash over the once joyful land chilling me down to the bone. Winter was here.

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  1. There are some engaging images presented across two different timeframes here, Jack- Well done. It is important that you read through this writing out loud to ensure that the sentence structures are accurate. There are a number of sentences here that are incomplete (or should be joined to the previous idea). You may also wish to vary your syntax in places, causing some sentences to flow together and others to be separated – this would create some effective links or breaks. Lastly, watch any unnecessary repetition of vocabulary – you will also hear this when you read your work out loud.

    Have you “mirrored” the endings of each timeframe? 🙂

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