creative writing

aviemore summer winter

A slight breeze danced through the waving willows causing there shadows to frolic along the ground.

puffy white clouds speckle the sky like a…

I hear the distant hum of boats crowding the shimmering lake which was as flat as a pancake, along with the joyful screams of children getting tossed around on their biscuits

people flock to the beaches in hopes to take refuge from the burning sun by cooling themselves in the refreshing waters of the blue shimmering lake which reflects the empowering mountains surrounding the lake like a prison.

2nd time frame

I see a lone fishing boat tossing and turning violently in the enormous white caps taking over the lake. the surrounding mountains are now blocked out by a fearsome wall of dark clouds closing in from the south. blocking out the bright rays of the sun, causing a layer of darkness to wash over the once pancake land chilling me to the bone.

The fierce wind whips through the willow trees causing a familiar creaking sound as they are forced around by the wind 

The beaches, continuously bombarded by wave after wave of chilling water causing a white froth to form on the waters edge. No One dares to enter the waters icy depths in fears of never reaching the surface again 










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