In the far distance Chapter 9

symbolism is used vastly throughout this text to add additional meaning to the text and to act as motivation for the characters. Light has been used throughout the text as a symbol, but it hasn’t been as prominent as it is in this scenario. When Joe falls into the crevasse he loses all hope of getting out because he sees no possible way of escape, this is till he descends further into the crevasse and finds a beam of light coming through the crevasse. This beam of light is used as joes motivation to get out of the crevasse, it is also in a way was his connection to the real world outside the crevasse. This is shown by the quote on page 132″I was mesmerised by this beam of sunlight burning through the vaulted ceiling from the real world outside.” This quote explains how joe feels that he has been separated from the real world by this crevasse and the beam of light that is shining through is his connection to it. Joe also uses the beam of light as his motivation to get out of the glacier. This is shown by the quote on page 135 ” It had me now, and without the sunbeam I might have sat there numbed and defeated by its implacable stillness.” This quote shows that if it weren’t for the light joe wouldn’t have the energy or motivation to start the climb out of the crevasse.

The voice is used as another symbol in this part of the text. The voice is significant in his part of the text because considering Joes situation and current state it seems to guide him on his way telling him what to do in times of need. A prime example is after  joe climbs out of the crevasse and is trying to get back to camp and his mind is forcing him to think negative thoughts, the voice kicks in and helps him on his way ” The voice told me exactly how to go about it, and I obayed while my other mind jumped abstractedly from one idea to another.” This quote shows how the voice over ruled joe’s thoughts and told him how and what he should do to get down the mountain. This voice is crucial in this part of the text because without it Joe possibly wouldn’t have as good of a chance of getting off the mountain, because of all the negative thoughts that are going through his mind. For example ” The crevasse had only been a starter! How foolish to have thought that I had done it, that I was safe!” This quote shows how Joes mind is telling him that it is not over and that it will still be a hard slog to get off the mountain that his mind thinks that he can’t do it.

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  1. A good understanding of these sections of the text, Jack. Continue to “unpack” these symbols further, explaining additional ideas associated with a “pillar”, “gold”, “light” and a “voice.”

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