Reaching the summit of Siula Grande

  1. These lines are included in the text because it shows how Joe is always dreaming of what next to do/conquer after he has finished his his previous dream/goal. It also states that after he has completed a goal or dream he thinks up a different one , but this time it is a bit more dangerous and extreme than the last one, this keeps on going and going until he has found a dream that is unconquerable and may ultimately end in death. It also reveals the force that is acting upon the two climbers making them dream up more dangerous dreams, it is like the climbers are addicted to the mountains because they keep coming back for more.
  2. These lines link in with the quote at the start of the book ” dangerous men,” by showing that the dreams of the day are normally uncontrollable and will be even more extreme than the last making these men dangerous because they are set now on doing something even more extreme.

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