Shadows in the ice Chapter 7

  1. Contrast is used in this section of the text to show joes feelings, emotions and experiences and how they change to contrast his feelings later on in the text. This assists the reader in understanding how joe is feeling and the emotions that he is going through by showing how joes emotions and feelings are ever changing, This goes from Joe thinking that he would fall into the dark abyss below him and then being amazed that he had survived his previous fall into the void. An example of this is when Joe stated earlier in the book that he was certain that him and Simon had no chance of making it off the mountain alive, shown by the quote from Joe ” I accepted that I was to die. There was no alternative,” This quote explains how Joe thought that there was no way that him and Simon were going to survive because of their previous ordeal  But this lead to another quote later on in the book after Joe had fallen into the crevasse ” Simon… I couldn’t conceive of him dead, not now, not after I’ve survived ,” This quote explains how Joe has now survived a near death experience so it meant that Joe now thought that they had a fighting chance for survival and he hoped that him and simon would get off this mountain alive. These two quotes show contrast in joes feelings and emotions from skipping from dying to surviving. These quotes also assist in the readers understanding of the characters because it shows how unstable joe is at the present time with his emotions constantly changing
  2. The rope in this part of the text acts as the connection between the two climbers and in this case the line of hope. As joe falls into the crevasse he doesn’t realise that the rope is cut and comes to the point that he could escape out of the crevasse using the rope, It is like the rope it the only hope Joe has of getting out of the crevasse. This is shown by the quote “I pulled steadily, and as I did so I became excited. This was my chance to escape.”  This quote explains that Joe built up all his hope for the rope to be connected to simon so he could escape, This made him excited and very hopeful. But as joe keeps pulling in the rope it falls over the lip and he realises that it is not connected to any thing and that it has been cut. This is shown by the quote from Joe “I saw the rope flick down, and my hopes sank.” This quote shows how Joe put all his hope in the rope and when he realised that it had been cut he lost all hope in getting out of the crevasse as he thought it was his only ticket out.

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