Specialised Vocabulary, Chapter 3 storm at the summit

  1. The author doesn’t describe to the reader the technical jargon to the reader because of many reasons the first being the intended audience that is going to read this book. Because this book is based off an mountaineering disaster this books target audience( the people the author thinks will buy the most amount of books ) would be mountain climbers and adventurers, and they wouldn’t want to be reading descriptions and descriptions of technical jargon that they already know and understand. This means that the author has left it out for the reader to figure out themselves. But he has made it easier for readers who don’t understand the technical jargon by putting it in text that they can understand so they get a good idea of what it is.
  2. ice screw: An ice screw is a long tubular threaded screw with a sharp end so it can be screwed deep into the ice, it also has a strong body as well as a hole on the end so you can thread a rope through to belay or anchor. The use of an ice screw is to help belay climbers and to also anchor them to the ice. Ice screws are important to this text because they greatly reduce the risk of death while climbing steep slopes and they help the characters lot along the way.

seracs: Seracs are massive ridges of pure ice on top of a glacier, they are very tricky to get over/around because they go hand in hand with crevasse. Seracs are important to this stage of the text because they become a serious obstacle to the characters

spindrift: A spindrift is a “wave of snow” that is present when a snowstorm hits, It is when the wind sweeps up the snow that has already fallen causing gusts of snow that can be very dangerous. This is important to the text at this stage because it is mentioned quite often and it is doing things such as covering their tracks.

rock pitton: A rock pitton is a peg that is hammered into a crack of a rock face, it can act as an anchor, as a fall protector, or as an aid for an aid climber. It has a pinhole at the end of the peg big enough to fit either a rope or a carabiner so rope can run through easily. Rock pittons are important in this text because they are a vital part of survival for the climbers because without them it would be near impossible to conquer the mountain.

bivi: A bivi Is a form of shelter that is very small and easy to put up, It is also is very good a keeping the weather out of your shelter. Bivis are important in this text because it is the climbers main way of having shelter.

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