The Final choice Chapter 6

Through the course of chapter six joe and simon are plagued with various problems to overcome. A prime example of one of the problems joe and simon faced while descending the mountain was frostbite. ” the blue thermal gloves stayed on my hand, ice frosted on to the fabric. Even through the gloves I could see hoe wooden my  fingers had become. They moved stiffly and all together, and refused to close into a ball.” This quote shows how Joe was facing a recurring problem of frostbite and how that meant that he was going through immense stages of pain when he tried to warm them up. This one problem could also lead to another problem because it means that the hands are completely useless from the blood being cut of by the frostbite. Another problem that joe and simon are hit with was spindrift avalanches, spindrift avalanches are small avalanches caused by lose powder and falling snow falling down the mountain, they can be dangerous but are mostly just small and short.  ” He reached me as another avalanche swept over us. We both ducked. ‘ bloody hell, that one before nearly knocked me off,” This quote explains how the weather is closing in on them and this is causing the spindrift avalanches to become bigger and bigger until they start to get dangerously large.

Joe recreates the tension when he is lowered over the fall by using the structural syntax or minor sentences. Minor sentences are used to create tension,  they do this by putting lots of them just before a climactic moment of the text to build up the tension. An example of a minor sentence is” nothing” and ” of course !” These quotes show how lots of small sentences can create tension by being very direct and informative but not yet quite making sense on its own


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